HO6 Condominium Coverage: What Does It Cover?

23 Apr

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If you own a condominium, then you should know about condominium insurance. Condominium insurance is currently not required in Florida, but it is a good thing to have. This type of insurance, known as HO6, is much different than homeowners or townhome insurance, known as HO3.

Here is more information about HO6 condominium insurance, the differences between HO6, HO3, and homeowners association insurance.

What Does HO6 Condominium Insurance Cover?

The main reason to buy any type of insurance is to guard against financial loss. HO6 condominium insurance can cover you for several perils. Here are some examples of what this type of insurance covers.


Liability covers you for accidental damage or injuries to someone who visits your home. This includes trips, falls, and dog bites.

Interior Structure Damage

HO6 insurance covers the inside structure of your condominium. This includes coverage for damaged walls or ceilings.

Loss of Use

You will be covered for additional living expenses for a covered loss while your condominium is repaired. Your policy may pay for a hotel or other living space for a limited amount of time or a specific dollar amount.

Personal Property

Your damaged or stolen personal property is covered up to a specific monetary amount. If you own certain valuables, like furs, expensive jewelry, or artwork, then you may need additional coverage.

What Is Not Covered by HO6 Condominium Insurance?

Like homeowners insurance, some types of coverage are not included in a basic policy. Examples of what are traditionally not covered are listed below.


You must specifically purchase flood insurance to be covered for this peril. However, water damage from hurricanes may be included in a basic policy.

Intentional Injuries

Intentional injuries, or intentional damage, are never covered by insurance and may be a violation of the law. Insurance is meant to cover you for accidental incidents beyond your control.

Sewer Backups

You will also likely not be covered if your sewer system backs up. However, this coverage varies between policies. You may be able to purchase sewer backup insurance if you think sewer issues are a problem in your neighborhood.

What Does HOA Insurance Cover?

Your HOA will likely require you to purchase HOA insurance or add it to your dues. The HOA insurance covers everything that happens around and outside your condominium. This insurance covers damage to the exterior as well as any type of liabilities on common property. Damages to your roof should also be covered by HOA insurance. Your HOA may require periodic inspection of your condominium to ensure you keep up with essential maintenance.

Your visitors will be covered for injuries at the pool or on the walkways provided that you follow HOA rules. If you or your guests do not follow the rules, then the HOA insurance company may have good cause to reject your claim. Not to mention you could suffer additional HOA penalties such as fines.

What is the Difference Among Insurance Types?

HO3 Florida homeowners insurance covers both the exterior and interior of the structure, not just the interior. HO3 insurance covers other issues that a standard HOA insurance policy covers such as property liability. Homeowners insurance may also include some structures on the property like pools and fences. For condominium owners, this is usually included in the HOA insurance policy.

Everyone needs insurance that covers damage to their dwelling and personal property no matter their living situation. While the law does not require HO6 condominium insurance, your HOA may require it. Condominium insurance can cover you for unexpected losses and liabilities. For more information about HO6 Florida condominium insurance, contact us at Family Insurance Centers for more information.