Florida Condo Insurance Fills a Different Need

Condominiums are not insured under traditional homeowner insurance policies. Condo association master policies do not cover all of your condo owner needs. Condo owners still need to purchase a Florida Condo Insurance Policy to protect areas at risk of loss to the owner including condo improvements, interior structural features, personal property coverage and possible condo association assessments to name a few. Florida condo insurance policies also provide the added benefit of liability protection to condo owners.

The most important decision to purchasing Florida Condo Insurance is deciding how much insurance coverage you need. The agents at Family Insurance Centers are here to help you determine which insurance policy is best suited to meet your needs at the best available value.

Call today for a Fast, Affordable, Friendly insurance quote and let Family Insurance Centers start saving you money today!! We are an Independent Insurance Agency Working for You! Florida Insurance Agency offering Condo Insurance policies in Lakeland, Winter Haven, Bartow and surrounding Central Florida.