Group Benefit Insurance

Whether you’re looking for family, individual, self-employed, or a group Insurance plan, Family Insurance Centers has the Group Insurance plan for you. With hundreds of Medicare supplement policies, high-risk health plans, and health discount cards to choose from. Finally, you can get help from our licensed agents who provide the information you need in choosing the type of policy that is right for you and your employees, including PPO plans, HMOs, Health Savings Accounts, point-of-service plans, and more.

Offering benefits to your employees will attract a higher caliber of worker and make your company more successful and more profitable. When an applicant looks for employment, the two most important factors they consider are salary and benefits. Family Insurance Centers will help you retain better employees by setting you up with an affordable and attractive employee benefits package.

Group benefits may include but is not limited to:

  • Health insurance- covers the costs of physician and surgeon fees, hospital rooms, and prescription drugs.
  • Retirement plans-Retirement benefits are funds set aside to provide people with an income or pension when they end their careers.
  • Disability-coverage that can protect you and your loved ones in the event of an accident
  • Dental-There are two plans to choose from for dental coverage. Each has different costs, benefits, and participating dentists.
  • And many other voluntary products

At Family Insurance Centers our office and our affiliates are trained on tailoring plans around the needs of the group. Our staff, along with our affiliates, typically examines a multitude of variables, aspects that enable us to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the employee’s needs. We then make recommendations for the plans that offer a great value to the group as a whole. Our goal is to provide you with a benefit package that is both affordable to your organization and offers the greatest impact to its members.

For more information on an employee benefit Insurance plan contact, Family Insurance Centers at 863-667-2525 or 863-853-3361 or fill out our form above for an online employee benefits Insurance Quote today.

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