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How to Find a Good Insurance Agent

08 Jul
How to Find a Good Insurance Agent

Your insurance agent is a licensed professional who helps you prepare for some of the worst disasters that could happen in life. Because they offer advice on topics that could prove essential if you ever need to file a claim, you want someone who is highly qualified. If you are looking for an insurance agent,…

First-Time RV Driver? Follow These Tips

01 Apr
RV Driver

Driving an RV is a different experience from driving other vehicles. The size, turn radius, and weight of an RV is far different from that of other automobiles. Driving without special care can lead to accidents, injuries, and expensive insurance claims. If you’ve never driven an RV before, learning how will take some time. Practicing…

How Can You Help Your Teen Become a Safer Driver?

25 Jan

In 2016, over 292,000 teenagers were treated by emergency rooms for auto accident-related injuries, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). That’s an estimated $13.6 billion in costs-in one year. How can you help your teen become a better driver? Take a look at these steps that parents can take to…

Do You Need Life Insurance If You Don’t Have Children?

25 Jan

You don’t have dependents. And that makes you wonder if life insurance is really an expense that you need. Before you skip this beneficial type of policy, take a look at why adults without children need life insurance too. Dependent Spouse Dependents don’t always equal children. While young children are financially dependent on their parents,…

Major Differences Between Life Insurance And An Inheritance

25 Jan

As you start to plan your estate, you may wonder what the effective differences are between a life insurance policy and an inheritance. After all, isn’t a $100,000 life insurance policy the same as inheriting $100,000? In fact, life insurance policy payouts and inheritance have some differences that you may want to be aware of.…