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Types of Car Insurance

14 Dec

Car insurance offers financial protection if you are involved in a road accident. In most places, auto insurance is mandatory and available in various types. Each insurance option provides compensation for specific damages. Learn more about the main types of auto insurance coverage below. 1. Liability Coverage Most States require all vehicles to have auto…

Car Water Damage: Effects and Insurance Coverage

28 Mar

Many people associate water damage claims with homeowners insurance since water damage typically affects houses. However, cars can also suffer water damage and require extensive repairs. Below is an overview of car water damage and insurance issues. Effects of Water Damage Water can damage almost every part of a car. Below are some car parts…

How Your Driving Record Can Affect Your Auto Insurance Costs

23 Feb

Your driving record plays an important role in the determination of your auto insurance premium costs. The logic around this connection comes from the fact that insurers assume a substantial degree of risk in working with you. If you find yourself in an automobile accident, the insurer, resulting in losses for the company, must often…

4 Types of Home Insurance

04 Nov

A home is a valuable investment. Whether you own it or are renting it, however, you should consider insurance. However, there are many types of insurance to consider when protecting your home. If you would like to know more, check out these four types of home insurance to consider. 1. Standard Homeowners Insurance If you…

3 Common Home Insurance Mistakes to Avoid

14 Oct

Homeowner’s insurance can be confusing, especially if you have trouble understanding the fine details of your policy. It’s no surprise that some homeowners fail to understand exactly what their policy includes. Unfortunately, you can make certain insurance mistakes that might cost you a lot in the long run. The unexpected can happen. And if you…