Why Your Car Insurance Claim Can Get Rejected

26 Oct

Your car is one of the significant assets you should always protect with insurance. But the unexpected, like an accident, can happen and force you to make an insurance claim. Once you file an insurance claim, the claim can either get approved or rejected. As a policyholder, being aware of the reasons for car insurance…

6 Upgrades That Impact Your Home Insurance

28 Sep

Home projects and renovations improve your house’s resale value. Yet, an increased value could make you prone to higher risks that cause an increase in insurance premiums. On the flip side, other renovations allow you to qualify for lower premiums. This blog curates six home projects that increase or reduce your insurance premiums. 1. Deck…

Factors That Influence Your Car Insurance Premium

27 Jul
Car key on an insurance policy

Vehicle insurance is compulsory in Florida. Auto insurance companies use multiple pricing factors to determine your risk, so your auto policy may cost more or less. You can control some factors that affect your auto insurance cost, but others are beyond your control. However, knowing a car insurance’s factors can help you find a suitable…

5 Benefits of Auto Insurance

28 Jun
Red car in hands on a white background. Concept of safe driving

Is one of your biggest accomplishments in your life owning a car? If so, take the necessary steps to protect your car and yourself due to unforeseen events such as theft, natural disasters, and accidents. Car insurance is the surest way to do that. For example, with the right auto insurance coverage, you are often…

Benefits of Home Insurance

02 May

Owning a home is one of the largest investments most people will ever make. And apart from being a sign of our personal identity, our homes shelter almost everything we own, including valuable and sentimental items. While you want to protect this valuable investment from any damage, sometimes you’ll have no control — especially over…

Car Water Damage: Effects and Insurance Coverage

28 Mar

Many people associate water damage claims with homeowners insurance since water damage typically affects houses. However, cars can also suffer water damage and require extensive repairs. Below is an overview of car water damage and insurance issues. Effects of Water Damage Water can damage almost every part of a car. Below are some car parts…

How Your Driving Record Can Affect Your Auto Insurance Costs

23 Feb

Your driving record plays an important role in the determination of your auto insurance premium costs. The logic around this connection comes from the fact that insurers assume a substantial degree of risk in working with you. If you find yourself in an automobile accident, the insurer, resulting in losses for the company, must often…