Umbrella Insurance: What Are the Benefits?

02 Apr

You have auto insurance for your car. And you have home owner’s insurance for your home. Maybe you even have motorcycle or boat insurance, depending on what types of vehicles you own. But do you have an umbrella policy? Assuming that you’re completely covered just because you have the standard policies required by law (such…

Is It Time to Get Commercial Auto Insurance?

27 Feb

Most people use their car for business occasionally. Technically everyone who commutes to work is sort of “using their car for business.” So how do you know when it’s time to get your business a commercial auto insurance policy? It usually depends on how much your business relies on vehicles, whether there are vehicles in a “company…

Cyber Liability Insurance: What Does It Protect Against?

19 Jan

With modern businesses increasingly relying upon data to perform all of their tasks, they to protect their data. Cyber attacks are on the rise, and many small businesses are going to experience an attack eventually. While businesses can improve their cyber security, they may also want to protect themselves with cyber liability insurance. But what…